International Clinic MEDSI (former American Medical Center MEDSI)

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129090 Moscow 26, build. 6, Prospekt Mira (entrance from Grokholsky Pereulok)

The history of International Clinic MEDSI is one of the longest among private clinics in Moscow. It doors were opened for patients in 1991. Today, the name of International Clinic MEDSI is associated with advanced technology, modern equipment, the team of highly experienced specialists and wide range of medical services provided for both adults and children that are available 24/7. Our clinic is conveniently located in the center of Moscow near Prospect Mira metro station.

Patients are seen by family doctors and other medical specialists such as gynecologists, urologists, dermatologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, surgeons, dentists and others. Our doctors speak English, Spanish, German and other languages and got extensive training in leading international clinics.

The clinic has its own modern laboratory and a big number of medical expert equipment (Ultrasound, X-Ray, mammography, endoscopy units, functional diagnostics). In case of necessity wide diagnostic opportunities of other MEDSI clinics in Moscow may be used.

International Clinic also provides services for treatment abroad. We provide a wide range of different ways of yearly enrollment for individuals and corporates and accept most of Russian and international insurance policies on a direct billing basis.

Children are our main value and their health requires particularly close attention. Doctors of all medical professions care about children in International Clinic MEDSI. Yearly enrollment programs for children are implemented. Immunizations schedule is fully observed. Full diagnostics of your child may be conducted within a couple hours through express diagnostics technology CHECK-UP. Medical documentation may be provided both in English and Russian.

International Clinic has a well equipped in-patient department with private rooms and two operating theaters, where general, gynecological, urological, ENT, vascular and other surgeries are performed by leading Moscow surgeons.

Clinic accepts most international and Russian insurance plans on a direct billing basis.

International Clinic MEDSI turned 22 in July 2013. Tens of thousands people have trusted their health to us throughout these years. Our main goal is to care about the patients and their health.

Medical departments


AMC qualified cardiologists perform complex cardiological check-ups, which include: Physical examination, ECG, Stress Tests, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, 24-hour Holter monitoring, Echocardiography, Ultrasound Dopplerography of vessels, Spirometry – breathing function investigation.  Selection and Correction of Anti-anginal, Anti – arrhythmia and Anti-hypertensive therapy, Lipid metabolism correction.


Method of Chiropractic is a natural way of influencing the human body which helps to remove the source of the disease, and not just its symptoms. It is based on a simple, but very powerful principle: if the spine is functioning correctly and the nervous system works properly, the human body is able to heal itself.

A human organism possesses a unique ability to self-regenerate and self-heal, which happens when there is no external interference, negatively affecting the functioning of the nervous system. There are three main types of such interference (three stressors): chemical, physical and psychological. Nervous system consists of brain, spinal cord and nerves. It controls the functioning of literally every cell, organ and tissue of the body (see picture on the left). While the brain is protected by the scull bones, the spinal cord passes through 24 moving segments (vertebrae). Changes in biomechanics of the spine can lead to one of the most widely spread reasons for dysfunctions of nervous system – subluxation (a condition when vertebrae are misaligned or fixated and their motion is restricted). Such dysfunction negatively influences the transmission of the nerve impulses, which leads to suboptimal functioning of the whole nervous system and causes the decline in body's ability to self-heal and regenerate – a disease.

The nerves, after exiting the spine, split into several branches, a part of which innervates the skin and the muscles (somatic nerves), while others carry information to and from the internal organs (visceral nerves). This is illustrated by the fact that a lot of people suffering from pain in a particular region of the spine, also often have issues with internal organs, which are innervated by the nerves exiting from this region. From chiropractic point of view, absence of symptoms does not necessarily equal absence of disease. A symptom is just one of the signs of disease. Full recovery from disease is only possible after removing its primary cause. Optimization of the biomechanics of the spine through removing subluxations (vertebral misalignments) and core muscle strengthening, as well as taking away chemical and psychological stressors lead to a better functioning of the nervous system, and thus to a better overall health.

Boris Veller is Doctor of Chiropractic, specilizes in treating diseases conncted with  spine, is now working in Russia. He possesses a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Biology. He received his Doctorate Degree from the Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and as a Valedictorian of his class. After his graduation Boris successfully practiced in several private clinics in Chicago and New York.


AMC Dentists are highly - qualified. We offer a wide range of services in the following spheres: Therapy, Surgery, Parodontology, Orthopaedics, Orthodontics, Children Dentistry. Our doctors work every day.

Our specialists use modern materials and equipment, approved methods of Caries, Pulpitis and Periodontitis treatment, Tartar Removal, Fluoride Covering; Therapeutic, Surgical and Orthopedic procedures may be performed with general anesthetic.   Each room is equipped with safe X-Ray machine, which together with an advanced computer program gives an opportunity to make and analyze dental pictures. The pictures are of high quality, they may be printed or saved in the computer.

We make prosthesis, teeth whitening, tooth crown restoration. General anesthetic is available.

Our specialists give consultations on prophylactics and hygiene.

Dental Administrators will help you choose a specialist, make an appointment and will remind you about the visit beforehand.


Endoscopic Investigation is the one of the basic investigation methods in contemporary medicine. It is widely used to diagnose and treat gastro-internal diseases.  

AMC owns unique endoscopic equipment, which gives an opportunity to perform endoscopic investigations (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) and polypectomy through endoscopes. The head of the Endoscopy Department is Igor Viktorovich Kyrianov, MD, the founder of Painless Endoscopy Method and out-patient polipuses removal.



Family Medicine

Do you know what the term "Family Medicine" means? In western countries Family doctors appeared long time ago, while in Russia this notion is still new.

A Family Doctor, or a GP (General Practitioner), - is a highly - qualified certified specialist. He offers multi – profile care and treats a wide range of diseases. In contrast to a usual Therapeutist, dealing only with Internal Diseases, a Family Doctor is also an ENT, a Traumatologist, a GYN, etc. In case of necessity a Family doctor refers the patient to other specialists and will monitor the process of treatment. Usually, a Family Doctor treats his patients during their whole life – since birth till old age, that is why the doctor is aware of the life style, heritable diseases, chronic conditions, habits and other peculiarities. This gives the doctor an opportunity to offer complex treatment and to work out individual approach to every particular patient. 
AMC Family Doctors keep close contact with their patients: they offer help in case of emergency, answer questions, give recommendations. No wonder, that as a result, a Doctor becomes a good Family Friend.


AMC Obstetricians - Gynecologists are ready to offer their patients qualified medical care and assistance. The range of services includes:


AMC has an In-Patient Department for therapeutic and surgical patients. Our doctors perform various operations: gynecological, proctologic, urological, ENT, cavernous.  We have an opportunity to operate on adults and children.

AMC In-patient Department has Intensive Care Unit, comfortable single and family rooms. All the rooms are equipped with devices for blood pressure monitoring, control of heart and other vital organs function; special anti-decubital beds.

Visitors are allowed any time.

We offer our patients meals three-four times per day. We consider medical dietary recommendations as well as national and religion preference.  


The Center has its own Laboratory with modern equipment, which gives an opportunity to make express analysis. Main laboratory investigations include Hematology, Coagulogramme, Chemistry, Electrolytic Profile, Blood Microscopy, Urology, GYN and ENT smears. Besides, results of such analysis as HIV test, hepatitis test, RW test, hormone and immunochemical investigations, can be received on the same day.


American Medical Centers Nephrologists treat a great variety of diseases.

Thorough examination under the control of a specialist helps to reveal causes of sickness, increased blood pressure, frequent urination, pain, changes in the urinalysis and blood tests results.

Treatment, started in time, helps to avoid complications and maintain good heath and activity.


Doctors of the Ophthalmologic Department of American Medical Center are highly qualified specialists, having big experience both in Russia and abroad. Experienced ophthalmologists of our Center will help you find out the causes of your disease and choose the most efficient treatment.

The following procedures are performed at our Ophthalmologic Department: Planned and Preventive Examination of children and adults; Diagnostics and Treatment of Refraction Disturbances, Strabismus, Eye Inflammatory Diseases  (children and adults); Eye-ground Examination; Simple and Compound Glasses Computer Adjusting; Intraocular Pressure Measuring; Visual Fields Computer Investigation; Optic Nerves' Function Investigations; Gonioscopy, Stress and Release Testing; Eyeball Front Segment and Optical Media Investigation; Eye Refraction Computer Investigation, Skiascopy; Cataract and Glaucoma Investigations; Examination of Pregnant Women; Treatment of Acute and Chronic Ophthalmologic Diseases of Different Genesis.

Doctors' professionalism, usage of the latest achievements in ophthalmology as well as the most modern equipment enable us to set the precise diagnosis and provide necessary treatment.


Pediatric Department of International Clinic MEDSI is headed by Pediatrician, MD, PhD Nikolay Smirnov. The Department has a large playing hall with colorful furniture and funny toys, young patients are treated respectfully, "as adults", and tenderly, with motherliness. Even phonendoscopes in AMC look like amusing animals. In case a child has to undergo painful investigations, our experienced doctors can distract his attention with a game.
We regularly have event with games, competitions and presents. So next time your child will be happy to "play a visit" to a kind specialist. When young patients trust their doctors they get well soon.
International Clinic Pediatricians treat children of all ages: newly – born babies and eighteen-year-old teenagers. Enrollment Programs include general check-ups, complex treatment, vaccination in accordance with Russian or Western Vaccination Schedule, chronic diseases treatment. Buying a program you get phone consultations in Russian or English (24 hours), all necessary medical documentation (certificates, medical summary, etc.) in Russian or in English. To the list of services we can add ambulance call, nurse attendance or other Moscow clinics. 
AMC Pediatric Department offers:
∙ International Standards of Medical Care in Pediatrics.
∙ Consultations for Families of High Risks of Chronic disease.
∙ Medical Care for Newly-born Children.
Neonatologist consultation
Complex check-up of people of the 1st year of life in the In-patient Department (short-term hospitalization: 4-8 hours) with profile specialists' consultations and necessary investigations
∙ Medical and Psychological Consultations for Parents.
∙ Complex Diagnostics and Treatment of Allergy.
Asthma, Allergenic Rhinitis, Dermatitis,
∙ Routine Check-up Preceding New Academic Year.
1-day check-up for school children and students, medical certificates.
∙ Preparation of the Child for Travelling Abroad.
Medical check-up, consultation, medical summery. Immunization in case parents wish.
∙ In-patient Department Hospitalization together with parents, Short-term hospitalization (several hours).
∙ Therapy of emergency conditions in Pediatrics.
∙ Vaccination with Russian and Imported Vaccines Routine or emergency.


 Surgeons of American Medical Center were certified abroad.

AMC specialists perform a wide range of operations.

Traumatology & Orthopedy



Bone Pathology


The aim of Urologists is to take good care of Men Reproduction Function.

AMC Specialists will help you to solve such problems as STD, Prostate Diseases, Barrenness, Tumor Growth, Erection Dysfunction.

Besides traditional ones, our doctors offer physiotherapy  and psychological methods of treatment.

Medical Programs in Moscow

In American Medical Centers you can purchase Enrollment programs providing medical care through the whole period of life, as well as special Programs for Future Mothers, Out-patient and In-patient Diagnostics. We offer medical services for both Individuals and Corporate Clients.
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  • Children 1-3 years

  • Children 3-7 years

  • Children 7-17 years
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